It's good to know the dos and don'ts of fashion. But you can break style rules while still looking on-point and fashionable. Read on to see five fashion rules that are just begging to be broken.

The head-to-toe black ensemble has usually been reserved for fancier gatherings. But with the growth in popularity of the health goth subculture, the all-black look is now becoming a staple in more casual clothing.

Contemporary artists don’t shy away from mixing contrasting colors and distinctive styles – and neither should you. The jarring juxtapositions make for instant head turners.

From polka dot and plaids to animal and abstract, it’s entirely about pairing to create cohesion. The key is finding the balance between over-the-top quirkiness and subtle harmony.

Turn your neon on and put the pedal to the metal. Sporting a flashy ensemble screams “fun” no matter what time of day. 

Accessories are no longer just add-ons to an outfit. They can be bold statement pieces and conversation starters. Sometimes, "more" is in fact more. Stand out from the crowd with an interesting pair of earrings or a unique bracelet.