If you’re a curvy woman, you know better than anyone that the fashion industry has come a long way from introducing trend-forward pieces across a range of sizes and shapes. That’s why you can’t miss out on the most popular denim style – skinny jeans.

Majority of the population think that skinny jeans is one of the most difficult fashion piece to wear and shop for. Each item should be a perfect balance of fit and length. But when you get the right style and shopping rules in mind – skinny jeans will become your favorite go-to piece.

Read on to find our stylist’s tips to rule Skinny Jeans as a plus size to create eye-catching looks for your own plus-sized body. 

1. Go for the Perfect Fit


Everyone, whether plus size or petite, has to pay attention and to carefully select the right fit for your jeans. Find the skinny jeans that fit right by checking out if the jeans can lengthen your legs in a way that's flattering, so try on as many pairs as needed to find the jean that works best for you.

If you're uncomfortable in the dressing room, you can be sure that you won't be comfy in the real world—which means you haven't found the right jean yet.

But if all else fails, you can always have your jeans hems altered to hit your legs at the right length, which is an easy fix by a seamstress or tailor.


2. Find the Perfect Skinny Jeans


We all know plus size women can look stunning and fab in skinny jeans. You just need to find the perfect-fitting pair and then style your jeans the right way to balance your proportions.

The right fitted jeans will accentuate your best features and enhance your figure without drawing attention to the core section. To know if the jeans are too tight, pinch the jeans at the thigh area and if you don’t get any fabric – it’s probably on too tight!

You can flaunt your style and confidently show off your body with the right ones.


3. Choose Jeans with Stretch



Good and high-quality stretch jeans are generally more comfortable and flexible to walk, stand, and sit with than regular blue jeans, too, which may make skinny jeans your favorite new jean. 

Additionally, many premium brands now make stretch jean styles specifically designed to lift, shape, and smooth the figures of curvier women.


4. Style Them With The Right Top & Shoes


Wearing a top with volume and elegance balances out your body's proportions by drawing attention to your upper half, making your lower half appear slimmer and thinner.

Also, you will look best in high heels with your skinny jeans, but you can also wear flats and boots if that's more your style. Whether your shoes are heels or flats, you'll want to choose a pointed toe to create the most slimming visual effect for legs.

BONUS: Try a Free Personal Stylist

Don’t just give in to negative thoughts, there are always workarounds and hacks that you can resort to. While striving to hit your weight goal–why not look skinnier with the right pair of jeans right this minute.

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