Tired of the same old green and red color motif for your holiday celebration? Breathe some life to your Christmas party by adding a theme that people could follow.
Picking the perfect party theme is one of the hardest steps of planning for the holidays -- you need to make sure that it's cool and interesting enough for everyone to have a great time dressing up and to document the whole event.
When choosing the theme for your party, it's better to keep it on-trend and Instagram-worthy. So for the party your planning to throw this coming December, keep these party themes in mind.

1. Arabian Nights

Transport your guests to a far-away land and celebrate middle-eastern style by throwing an Arabian Nights party. Decorate with peacock feathers, bright ornamental pillows and a lot of gold. With these designs in mind, you could definitely bring those mysterious folk tales to life.

2. Comic Book

Superhero movies have been on a roll recently, so it's only timely for you to throw a Heroes & Villains party. Use theme songs of superhero cartoons or films to give life to your film. Dress up as your favorite hero or villain in either its film or comic book alternative.

3. Back to the 90's

Give your guests a blast from the past by serving them this throwback celebration. Decorate your venue with cassette tapes and polaroids. Take your guests back in time by letting them dress up as their favorite 90's celebrity or movie character.

4. Coachella

When we talk about Coachella, what comes to mind? Sunsets, boho fringes and amazing music are just some of the top things we could think of. Throw a Coachella-inspired party by reflecting the carefree and chill vibe of the most talked about music fest. Add a hint of 70's retro to your decorations and keep a strict Bohemian style dress code to your celebration.

5. Mexican Fiesta

Mexicans love parties and festivals, so turning up your typical Christmas party to Mexican fiesta could be your best decision yet. Get inspiration from their favorite feasts like Taco Tuesdays, Cinco de Mayo or Dia de los Muertos.

6. Hollywood Glitz & Glamour

Roll out the red carpet by hosting a glitzy Hollywood bash. Decorate your venue with Oscar and movie reels, and max it out by creating your very own Walk of Fame. Your guests would be exciuted to dress up as their favorite celebrity.


7. Into the Wild

Take your guests into the wild by dressing up your place as the Savannah. Take them on a safari trip by adding warning signs like "Beware!" or "Don't feed the animals." Get jazzed up for your jungle party by wearing animal prints and animal-inspired masks.


8. Mad Tea Party

Go whimsical and take a trip down the rabbit hole by throwing an Alice in Wonderland themed party. Create an elegant affair by decorating your tablescapes to the likes of the classic Lewis Caroll tale. Guests wouldn't have a hard time deciding their costumes with this theme.


9. Circus Gala

Bring the circus to your home by incorporating traditional circus stripes to your decorations and letting your guests dress up in carnivalesque costumes. Complete the night with live performances and magic tricks. (and no painful training of real-life animals!)

10. Facials and Mimosas

Get your girls together and bond over mimosas and good laughs this holiday season. Nothing beats getting pampered with your girlfriends on a girls' night out. Spare the hassle of decorating and dressing up and just spend it on spa night.
Try to experiment with your parties and don't be afraid to spring out of the box. Need help dressing up for your holiday celebration? Contact us at (0917) 651-0018 to book a Home Visit today.
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