It's always fascinating how petite girls are often able to make themselves look as willowy and long-legged as the next girl. Whatever your shape, size or height, it's all about getting your proportions right. Sometimes breaking the style rules just works, and it's refreshing seeing girls going ahead and wearing what works for them.

Jessica, J Petite | 10 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

1. Jessica, J Petite

"I use fashion as my creative outlet. Mixing patterns and bold colors is my style aphrodisiac. Keeping true to my own personal style and flare I live by Coco Chanel’s words To be irreplaceable one must be different. I’m 5'1?" by birth, but the sky’s the limit with heels."

Jessica is a stunning brunette and we love her ability to mix trends with some gorgeous classic pieces. She also covers a lot of health and fitness on her blog with her regular Workout Wednesday posts. She makes wearing bell-bottomed jeans look easy and wears the 70s trend beautifully.

Monika, Style is My Pudding \ petite fashion blogger

2. Monika, Style is My Pudding

"I'm a personal style blogger living in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada with my husband and two adorable ferrets. My 9 to 5 job involves wearing a uniform (which leaves very little room for sartorial expression!) so I've always enjoyed "dressing up" for my weekends."

Monika's eclectic mixes have a touch of the bohemian about them but sometimes she'll throw in the occasional bold stripe or faux leather leggings (and look seriously fabulous every time). I am always amazed at her creativity.

Annie, Stylish Petite | 10 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

3. Annie, Stylish Petite

"Stylish Petite is a Southern California-based style blog. It began as an online resource to help those who are petite find clothes that fit well. It now encompasses my love for fashion, home decor, travel and lifestyle. Technically I'm 4' 11.75" but I always round up to 5'."

Annie is famous for sporting OTK boots, lots of stripes and sweater dresses with as many bold colours as neutrals which of course we love.

Amber, Easy Petite Looks | 10 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

4. Amber, Easy Petite Looks

"I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I moved to Minnesota in summer 2013. Yes, that’s right. I moved somewhere even colder than my home city, which I was 99% sure I’d never do (just ask my parents, I think they’re still surprised). I moved here for my internal medicine residency training. Residency is busy, but I try to keep up with my other hobbies (like this blog) to maintain my sanity."

Another blogger who also writes about fitness, Amber favours lots of neutrals in lush textures and simple prints. Her style is classic and easy-to-wear and is in flats as much as she's in heels—yet still looks gorgeously leggy.

Sydne, Sydne Style | 10 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

5. Sydne, Sydne Style

"I'm only 5'3", but you'd never know it because of my stiletto obsession. I'm originally from Miami, which explains my fascination with neon. I never met a statement necklace I didn't like."

Sydne is a great example of a petite who knows her proportions—who'd have thought someone who's 5'3" could make wide legged trousers look so amazing? She's incredible polished and ladylike and can usually be found in colour-blocked outfits and red lipstick. So much to love.

Kelly, Alterations Needed | 10 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

6. Kelly, Alterations Needed

"Alterations Needed is where I share my style journey including developing a personal style, building a wardrobe, outfits, and general musings about fashion. I have an intense love affair with menswear, and my personal style reflects that, something you could call tomboy-chic. Oh yeah, and I love denim. Like, really love denim. I’m also very petite at 4'11", so I share fit reviews, style tips, and ways in which I’ve had clothing altered down to fit."

Kelly said it herself—she's nearly always in denim (distressed is her forte) and she absolutely rocks the masculine chic look. I love her use of pinstripes and long blazers which totally work on her small stature.

Erika, Retro Flame | 10 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

7. Erika, Retro Flame

"I'm an Irish girl currently living in New York City. After spending my last two summers here in NYC, I fell in love and now I’m back for another year-long adventure. This little blog of mine is a compact diary of my outfits, travel, work and inspirations."

Where do we start with Erika's style—we adore her look. She seems to put together incredibly polished yet very trend-led outfits, with some great details like a perfectly tied scarf here or a lust-worthy tote there. She may be Irish but she's got the NYC girl look down to a tee.

Gentri, Gentri Lee | 10 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

8. Gentri, Gentri Lee

"As a professional blogger, make-up artist, wardrobe stylist, and self-proclaimed adventurer, I can't help but live a creative lifestyle. You'll find posts on outfits and personal style - the clothes that take me from here to there; simple recipes that are ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle; beauty tutorials and skincare tips - and parties, because they're the perfect way to reconnect with friends."

Gentri's love of road trips and travelling is reflected in her style—lots of sweaters, plaid and denim but with the odd pop of colour and leather jacket thrown in. For gorgeous, practical, casual chic on the road, her blog is exactly where you should be headed.

Tam, Hello Framboise | 10 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

9. Tam, Hello Framboise

"The personal style blog of Tam, a petite twenty-something professional living in Colorado."

Tam has been a favourite of mine for a few years now—then she posted pictures of her trip to Santorini at around the same time as my holiday there last year and that just sealed the deal for me. To see all her summery outfits on that amazing Greek island was a delight; all her looks are spot-on, with as many flats as high heels and stripes, plaids and denim as I wear myself.

Sheryl, Walk in Wonderland | 10 Petite Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

10. Sheryl, Walk in Wonderland

"The name for the blog came about thanks to my fashion obsession. My dream was to have the biggest walk-in closet of all time where I would feel like Alice wandering in Wonderland. I love exploring all styles, but I’m mostly in edgy, chic outfits and every now and then, I like to dress preppy, glamourous or grungy. I live in the moment and that is reflected in my style."

Sheryl is so sleek—she looks like she's 5'10" and has legs that go on for days. She's incredibly fashion-forward and favours soft palettes with a lot of white that flatters her gorgeous skin tone and long dark hair. You'll find a lot of surprises like a pair of mustard ankle boots or unusual trims on sweaters which all add up to a ton of inspiring looks.