The new year is upon us!

It’s the best time and excuse to freshen up our wardrobes and to never go out of style. Here are the top 10 must haves styles for 2019 as recommended by our stylists.


It’s time to get back to the basics.

Last year we’ve enjoyed fitted denim shorts and cycling shorts, this season, pieces that bring back a more comfortable feeling and loose shorts will steal the show.



Have a bright new year with pop colors. Flying and vibrant colors will give you a vibe of cheerful and empowered year. It’s time to stand out and show off yourself by making it little bit colorful and fun.

Just remember to never go too overboard with pop colors by only wearing one bright item paired with a neutral item.



Become inspired with geometric patterns and artworks prints. This gives you an authentic and chic look.

Patterns can help create that needed volume in your dreary everyday work.



Nowadays, suits are becoming appealing in both men and women of the generation.

This provides everybody a sophisticated look yet it could rock street style. A versatile option for a night out after the office.



These outfits are one of the classics.  Unique and one of kind bold prints can be used to be the life of the party or the latest trendy summer getaway outfits.

A fashion statement anyone can use that is an easy expression for creative prowess.



Want something comfortable? Then go for flats! Flats is our all-time best friend, they can go with any style so you don’t have to think of what shoes to wear when you go out in the morning. An important statement that can bring the best quintessential part of your attire.




These outfits guarantee you a boho chic appearance. Its textural embellishment gives alignment perfect for summer, music festival, casual and western themed parties.

It goes with neutrals or crisp modern pieces so you can look classy or flirty.



Jackets and raincoats aren’t just for cold season, instead you can have during summer.

Summer waterproofs are perfect to restore good mood during rainy days and it give you a cool casual look during summer.



A bit touch of metal with its vector-kind effects will surely rock the sexy and chic look. Its bold appearance makes you to stylishly shine and sparkle.

With a wide variety to choose from such as rock and roll outfits, disco outfit or glamour essentials outfits.



The outfit is one popular materials for summer. This also gives you a bit boho look and gives you a light vibe for having very refreshing fabrics like linen and cotton. It’s famous for tops, rompers, dresses and many others.

Did we forget to mention that they are our favorite comfy clothes for this summer?


Not sure how to wear any of these fashion styles? Maybe it’s time to consult your own personal stylist? All you have to do is to give your size and style requests at!

You get a professional opinion on your wardrobe, they can even bring racks of clothes to your home if you live in Manila and the best news of all is that the service is all free! Why not give it a try today?