This Christmas won’t be like any other. 
With the coronavirus outspread across the world, everyday life has never been the same. People would not let themselves be seen without any protective gear on them, and public places now feel unsafe without barriers. 
Not only has it affected our daily lives, but our holidays as well. Birthdays were best spent at home, and long-weekend trips abroad have been called off. The coronavirus pandemic has challenged how we would normally celebrate our holidays including what people include in their Christmas wish lists. 
Typically, wish lists are an excuse to ask for something we want just for the sake of self-interest. But this year, we’ve all come to settle with something far more practical, now opting for needs rather than wants.   


Usual presents like bags and shoes are not that viable in this pandemic era; people won’t even dare go out for leisure, only when it’s for something important (like going to work). With at-home activities becoming a norm—from food deliveries, to online shopping, to work-from-home setup, bags and shoes have now become the next best thing.
So what do people want this Christmas? 
It’s no wonder that people would now go for the practical choice. In these unsettling times, there is no better gift than safety. Before, it may have seemed to be unusual to ask for protective gear or cleaning supplies during Christmas; but these times call for healthier and much more useful options.

PPE for Christmas

Sleigh bells are ringing but we’re still in the midst of fighting COVID-19. Now is the perfect time to gift your loved ones peace of mind. With the virus still going on around, a simple facemask won’t really guarantee your safety and protection. Don’t worry, we’ve made it all easier for you. 
In the spirit of Christmas, you can now send a Safety Care Box to your loved ones, with curated PPE items of your choice. 

Safety Care Box

In a quick push of a button, you could browse through our plethora of PPE items. All you need to do to create your own Safety Care Box is choose! From Facial Gears to General Protection category, get creative and choose from our wide array of essential items to give to your loved ones. You may start by clicking here
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Stay safe this holiday season, everyone!